Panic To Power: Build Your Confidence

Description: Are you feeling uncertain or worried about getting experiences and making connections necessary for your journey at UBC and into meaningful work? Is the stress around pursuing your goals making you feel avoidant and unmotivated rather than confident and focused? You are not alone! If your stress or nervousness is getting in your way, this workshop will offer useful information and effective coping strategies to turn your unease into motivated, productive energy that will help you approach your career development and education related challenges with increased comfort and confidence.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Resources: 1-Resources - D215 (~60)
Start time: 11:30:00am - Wednesday 19 June 2019
Duration: 2.5 hours
End time: 02:00:00pm - Wednesday 19 June 2019
Type: Internal
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Last updated: 01:10:30pm - Monday 06 May 2019
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