UBC X-ray Crystallography Database Saturday, September 23rd, 2023
Group access allows researchers to query and manage datasets. ChemNet username and password are sufficient for group access.
Administrator access allows x-ray laboratory staff to manage groups in addition to querying and managing datasets.

Welcome to the X-ray Crystallography Database (XRDB). This database is intended solely as an archive for completed (or near-completed) single crystal X-ray structures. Data archived here should consist of information required for publication (i.e., structure reports, cifs, log files and diagrams). As space is an issue, it is not recommended that raw data (in the form of unprocessed images) or hkl files be stored here.

This database should not be seen as an alternative to the Cambridge Structural Database. Structures should remain on the XRDB only until they are published and are available via the CSD, at which point they should be deleted from the XRDB.

At the moment, each group can store up to 1 gigabyte of data. This should be well in excess of what is needed by each group so there should not be a problem staying within this limit.

Logging in: Simply use your regular ChemNet username and password. This will automatically allow you access to your groupís section of the database. Any problems with usernames and passwords should be addressed to the Systems Administrator (sysadmin@chem.ubc.ca).

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the XRDB:

  • If you come across a bug, please report it.

  • Complete documentation for this software has been developed, however, you should get a feel for the program and it's functionality by taking a look around and trying out the different features. For the most part these features are self-explanatory and should be easy to execute. Never-the-less, any questions not covered in the Help section should be directed to bpatrick@chem.ubc.ca

  • The XRDB was designed according to Microsoft Internet Explorer specifications. As a result, there may be some compatibility issues with non-compliant browsers. Users of Internet Explorer, Netscape 7, Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari should experience little or no difficulty using the XRDB, however, a similar guarantee cannot be made for other browsers. If you do not have a copy of Internet Explorer it is recommended you obtain one from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Homepage.